Compound liquorice Oral Solution

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Compound liquorice Oral Solution
(Maxingshigan oral liquid)
Ephedra, Bitter almonds, Gypsum, Licorice.

Removing lung heat, eliminating phlegm and relieving asthma, and it is mainly used for internal heat, cough and asthma caused by exogenous wind. It uses for prevention and treatment of the respiratory disease caused by virus infection ,e.g. infectious bronchitis,infectious laryngotracheitis and mild influenza etc.

Usage and dosage:
250 ml product mix with 150-250 kg water for 3-5 days.

Treatment application:
Used for cough, snore, breathe heavily caused by respiratory tract lesions, and can see the symptoms of tracheorrhagia,mucus in trachea when do dissection. \
250 ml product mix 150 kg water(servious illness 250ml product mix 50kg water) coordinate with other anti virus and antibiotic medicine for 3-5 days.
Treating wild infectious laryngotracheitis
After emergency vaccination, 250ml product mix 150kg water, twice a day for 3-5 days
For vaccine stress
After immunization with live vaccines for infectious laryngotracheitis, Newcastle disease, 250ml product mix 150kg water, coordinate with macrolide antibiotic for 3-5 days, can decrease the respiratory disease caused by vaccine stress.

Package :
250ml, 500ml, 600ml

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